Unconventional, Non-Traditional Learning Strategies for Young Children

If you are like me, growing up in the '80s, you were raised with a lesson plan. A lesson plan so rigid that it was etched in stone and had passed along generations. There were revisions to educational curriculum and activities but not much changed between revisions. For instance, instead of teaching multiplication by memorizing tables, a method based on additives was deployed. It was archaic, boring, and above all was not a highlight of any student’s day. 

The world has since changed.

The educators in the 2000s, starting exploring different educational models, and testing them for individualized learning. It was an exciting phase, as the non-traditional, inclusive, diverse teaching strategies started making their way into the educational system. Many learning systems were emancipated, and some of these became the inspiration for Tensor Gifted Tensor Cards.

Experiment Based Learning

Experiments are powerful, they attempt to not only affirm an axiom but also challenge it, for experiments pass, fail, and show deviations. A Child’s play that's based on experiments opens a powerful world for them, Schrodinger’s cat that is both alive or not, depending on the plane that you are in. 

Creative Learning

Creative Learning allows a child to challenge the traditional beliefs, and break the paradigms. Teaching approaches that let children explore and acknowledge endless possibilities are the ones that also grow their passion for learning. The goal is not just not to just impart knowledge but inculcate a penchant to acquire knowledge.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning encourages what human beings are naturally ingrained for, learning through observing, interacting, clarifying, and educating each other. It is through peer learning, the learning outcomes are challenged, accepted, or endorsed.


Tensor Cards Promote Non-traditional Learning

When we created Tensor Cards, we wanted to see how many postulates of a game experiment were possible before we even defined the goal for the game. Whether you are opening a bakery, establishing a new market, or exploring something un-imagined using Creation Cards. When you brought your friend to the game, the collaboration will fuel parallel approaches for solving the tensor cards flow. It was everything that we believed in, that became our philosophy for this game. To learn more about Tensor Gifted learning and enrichment programs for young students, please contact us.
Let's unleash young minds!