About Tensor Gifted™

Tensor Gifted™ and Tensor Cards™ were built by parents of two young gifted daughters. At the age of 2, the elder one started finishing US Map puzzle with a lot of excitement, her favorite state being Texas with cowboy boots picture on it!


Over the next year, she went through castles, princesses, unicorns, cars and what not. The number of puzzle pieces kept on increasing, the size of puzzle pieces kept shrinking.


As we would observe her carefully, we noticed that her excitement and cheerfulness while making a puzzle, started changing into more of an intense activity. The fun started to fade away.


Something was missing. And it clicked one day, while making a puzzle, she said, "Dad, it fits here, but it doesn't work." We quickly realized that the larger puzzles were just creating "lot of the same" tasks for her. She needed something with additional dimensions that would give her "lot of different". 


Trained in engineering, psychology and business, we got to work in designing a different puzzle, where "a piece could fit at different places and it would still work" - the fundamental of multiple possible outcomes. By now, our elder one was already 5 and her younger sister started following her shoes.


Finally, we designed Tensor Cards™, which our 5-year old jumped upon. She got curious, felt challenged, and loved the multiple possibilities. As she picked up the concept of multiple solutions, there was no bound to having fun!


The next thing she said, "I can't wait to give this to my best friend and can we please make it in PINK!"

Friends kept on adding up, colors and characters kept on coming in and before you know it, Tensor Gifted™ was created!